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Scope of the workshop

The physics of wave propagation in scattering, structured or nonlinear media is at the heart of various research fields such as wave localization, optical hydrodynamics or wave topology in fundamental physics, wave-front shaping or bio-imaging in applied physics. This third annual workshop of the GdR Complexe aims at gathering physicists to discuss these topics and their connections, as well as to identify emerging questions around the propagation of waves in complex systems in a broad sense. 

Practical information

The Annual Workshop of the GdR Complexe took place on December 7 - 9, 2022, in the amphitheater of Institut Langevin in Paris. 

Organization and Sponsorship

Local organizers:  Nicolas Cherroret (LKB) and Alexandre Aubry (Institut Langevin). Contact: gdrcomplexe at

Sponsorship: The workshop was almost entirely sponsored by CNRS through the GdR2016 Complexe.


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